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Woman discovers that her mother-in-law…
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Woman discovers that her mother-in-law leaves her grandson to cry in his crib while babysitting

January 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

As much as she does this for good reasons, a mother is always reluctant to leave a newborn child in the hands of a babysitter. Often, even relying on a close relative is not a relief, as the thought that the person delegated to take care of the child doesn't care for them as she wishes is always lurking. Thankfully, this fear remains more often than not just an unfounded concern but there are stories where, sadly, this is not the case.

via: Reddit
image: pixabay

A woman told on Reddit how she discovered that her mother-in-law applied sleep training methods with her newborn son, completely without the parents' knowledge and without asking their consent.

For the uninitiated, the sleep training method is a technique that aims to accustom the child to falling asleep in completely by themselves. What is most criticized about this method is the strategy itself: the child, in fact, is left to cry for longer and longer periods, until he gives up crying, and therefore discovers how to fall asleep.

Of course, it would be the dream of many parents that their child would fall asleep without crying and in a short time, moreover independently: but hearing him cry for a long time, without going to intervene, is for many heartbreaking to the point of completely rejecting the method. 


image: pixabay

The woman said that it was her sister-in-law who told her what had happened, complaining about her mother's choice to bring the cradle into her home to get the baby used to sleeping. The woman said she was literally shocked: the baby's sleep had never been a problem, plus no one told her mother-in-law to adopt such a controvertial way of make him fall asleep, not to mention that she did it from the parents.

The sister-in-law told the woman how her mother left her baby in his crib crying incessantly, convinced that she was teaching him a way to fall asleep. The furious woman went so far as to tell her sister-in-law to intervene and prevent the mother-in-law from doing it again, otherwise she would have to stop entrusting her with the baby. According to the woman, moreover, after these negative experiences in his cradle, the child might have begun to be terrified of being put in the bed to sleep, when previously he had always gone there quietly.

Unfortunately, these family clashes over raising a child are not uncommon, which leads to confrontations over old and new methods of raising and raising babies: what is certain, however, is that if the people babysitting are not expressly asked by parents to make decisions about child rearing then they shouldn't do it!


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