She takes a DNA test for fun and discovers she has a half-sister - a secret kept for 30 years -
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She takes a DNA test for fun and discovers…
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She takes a DNA test for fun and discovers she has a half-sister - a secret kept for 30 years

January 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It was supposed to be a welcome surprise, but instead it turned into a nightmare caused by a discovery that changed her life forever. It all started when a man, moved by simple curiosity and the desire to give an unusual gift to his girlfriend for Christmas, bought a DNA test for his partner, with the consent of her parents. Of course, the young woman willingly agreed to undergo the test, but they never thought that it would unearth family secrets hidden for decades ...

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Thanks to her partner's unexpected gift, the girl has discovered a puzzling secret about her family tree; The test results showed a "half-sister", but she the woman she knew she had no half-sister. So, she immediately called her mother and asked her if she knew anything about it; the mother obviously denied it, until her daughter revealed the name of a certain John Smith.

Her mother fell silent on the phone and was forced to tell her daughter, completely incredulous, that years before her birth, she had temporarily broken up with her father and returned for a few days to her ex, the said John Smith.

image: Pixabay

During that period, the young woman's mother became pregnant, but she didn't let anyone know about her pregnancy, making sure her future family were unaware of the fact that she had had a daughter with another man outside the family. The young woman who had taken the DNA test was upset, and even more upset was her partner, who now feels guilty for ruining Christmas with a gift that was only supposed to be for fun and which instead turned into a nightmare.

What a strange story!


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