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19 people who had one simple job, but…
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19 people who had one simple job, but managed to fail anyway

By Alison Forde

When we are recruited to do a job, it is assumed that each of us can bring the right amount of concentration and precision to get it done in the best way. Nobody wants to be constantly blamed for their mistakes, especially if they are relatively simple tasks. Still, no matter how ashamed you feel at failure - if something can go wrong, it surely will! Faced with this "law" there's really nothing to be done to avoid failure sometimes. Maybe it was just a bad day, or maybe it's tangible evidence that you really weren't cut out to do a certain job. The people in this photo list seem to fall into the latter category: don't you agree?

1. "I'm pretty sure the thing in the picture is an avocado ..."

2. There's some confusion here

image: Imgur

3. Since when was Olaf in Star Wars?!

4. Poor guy, he tried to fix it with what he had to hand...

5. Perhaps they were confused by too many consonants...

image: Imgur

6. When you go to a Chinese restaurant and find this dish on the menu: "I can't translate it with Google but I assure you it's delicious!"

7. We give you the famous "Frodo, the gray" and "Gandalf, Bilbo's nephew". Sure sure.


8. "Well, thanks to whoever matched the puzzle to the boxes ... it took me three hours to finish it!"

image: Reddit

9. I opened a can of corn and you found some green beans: surprise!


10. An engineering genius must have conceived this corner of the kitchen ...

image: Imgur

11. Well... this could cause some problems!

12. "Exactly what colors should my children use for this?"

13. Come on kids, time to cut your teeth ... !!

14. Perfect...

15. This ramen expires on a day that doesn't even exist on the calendar!

16. Women's gloves...OK.

17. They are even different colors ... how difficult could it have been ?!

18. Oh no! Not again...

19. BONUS: "Er, ma'am? Ma'am? That's not how the carts work ..."

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