It's not all bad news: 15 moving photos to remind us that people are capable of doing great things -
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It's not all bad news: 15 moving photos…
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It's not all bad news: 15 moving photos to remind us that people are capable of doing great things

December 28, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Human beings do nothing but amaze us, many times negatively. Fortunately, there are moments and situations in which people bring out all the goodness they possess, proving themselves capable of performing great deeds. Sometimes it happens that we are lucky enough to experience these moments, other times they are immortalized in pictures. These photos show you that people are not that bad after all, and the gestures in these photos should bring a smile to your face. Sometimes it doesn't take much: just look around and you'll see that someone really needs you, your little gesture, your smile, a miracle. Every good deed has its own importance.

1. This smiling child is immortalized on the last day of chemo: the beginning of a new and hopefully healthy life.

2. An Egyptian fan in a wheelchair is lifted up by Mexican and Colombian fans so that he can see his team play.


3. Because of his disability he was worried about not being able to have children: this photo testifies that they made it.

4. This shelter is finally empty, all the puppies have been adopted: the staff members immortalized the very happy moment.

5. Two Norwegian boys dived into the water to save a little lamb that wass drowning in the ocean: the great feeling of having done good.

image: kittlez/imgur

6. After Mum was taken to the hospital, two policemen stayed behind to prepare dinner for the children left at home.

7. Every Sunday this hairdresser offers free haircuts to the homeless: a gesture that touches the whole city.


8. The shop employee carries a garden umbrella to protect an elderly man with walking difficulties from the rain.

9. Someone thought of building a different swing to allow wheelchair using children to have fun too.


10. This man's wheelchair broke in a shop and the employees promptly decided to fix it.

11. This performer shares his music earnings with homeless people who need it.

12. A supermarket employee bends to tie an elderly man's shoe: helping others is the best job.

13. Norwegians love to share their apple harvest: they place filled bags on the fence free for people to pick them up.

14. An autistic child was allowed by the flight attendants to lie down in the aisle with a blanket while having difficulty.

15. These are the receipts after this man gave 11 children permission to choose any toy they wanted in 80 seconds.

We hope that these photos can serve as an example to all of us: even the smallest of gestures, the ones that at first might seem insignificant, have the power to revive the day of those who benefit from it and those who are lucky enough to witness it being done.


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