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A man takes off his pants and gives…
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A man takes off his pants and gives them to a homeless man begging in the cold

January 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we meet homeless people and people begging on the street it's really difficult to ignore them and continue on your way pretending nothing has happened. Even if the problem of poverty in the world cannot be solved on the spot, it is our duty not to look the other way when we come across situations of extreme hardship, such as the one in which this homeless man and a 26-year-old man met in Fresno, California. The young man, Daniel Richards, had gone with his wife to buy some donuts from McDonald's, but he could not pretend nothing was happening faced with the poor homeless man begging outside the takeaway, without pants, despite the low temperatures that night.

Good Samaritan gives their trousers to a homeless person

This is such a thoughtful gesture! ❤️👏 via Caters News Additional clip via ViralHog

Pubblicato da Daily Mail Video su Venerdì 18 dicembre 2020

Daniel and his wife had gone to McDonald's to buy some donuts and, before entering, they had run into David, the homeless guy begging just outside the door. When asked for some coins or something to eat, the woman replied that she had no money with her, which was actually true, and that she had not yet bought any food. Once they left McDonald's, the man in line behind them offered the homeless man a donut, while Daniel chatted with the man for a few minutes to get to know his story. The homeless man had recently lost all of his possessions and had only the few clothes he was wearing. Daniel couldn't help but notice that the poor man didn't even have a pair of pants - on such a cold night, how would he survive?

Daniel's wife knew what her husband would do and wanted to film the scene from his car. In the video you can clearly see how the two converse for a few seconds and then, after making sure that the poor man would accept his offer, he dropped his sweatpants and gave them to him. Maybe they could have gone and bought a pair directly, it's true, but Daniel was afraid that the man would leave and he could not beat the idea that a human being he had met on the street could remain in the cold all night. A touching gesture that allowed that brought a little warmth into that poor man's life!


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