She made fun of a friend for how she dresses: her mother forces her to go to school in second hand clothes -
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She made fun of a friend for how she…
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She made fun of a friend for how she dresses: her mother forces her to go to school in second hand clothes

December 27, 2020 • By Alison Forde

No parent would ever want to know that their child is the school bully. A mother and father work every day to offer their children a better future - finding that all their hard work and expectations have been betrayed can be particularly painful. But beyond the grief, a parent has the task of correcting any violent and bullying behavior as soon as they sees it in their children. How should they do it? There are many strategies, first of all that of confronting and talking about it with the child, but also acting on a practical level with targeted "punishments", aimed above all at developing empathy and solidarity towards others, can work. The mom in this story discovered that her 9-year-old daughter was making fun of her classmate because of how she dressed.

via: ABC News

Kaylee Lyndstrom is 9 and probably thinks she's the new influencer of her elementary school. Her mother, Ally, found that, every day, Kaylee treated a classmate badly, teasing her about the way she dressed. The teasing had become so heavy that the little girl had told the teacher that she no longer wanted to go to school. Ally, at this point, decided to take her daughter for shopping ... in the thrift store in her town! The woman asked her daughter to choose the two dresses she considered the "ugliest in the whole shop". Of course, the little girl was completely unaware of the grand plan: for the next two days, Kaylee would have to go to school wearing those clothes. 

When Kaylee, "the great fashion stylist", showed up at school in an old fashioned dress, which she herself considered "horrible", the children immediately started to tease her. Kaylee suffered from all the gratuitous nastiness she had originally levelled at her classmate. For once, she found herself in the shoes of the "victim" and really understood what the effects of such bullying behavior are. Not only did Kaylee apologize to her classmate, but she built a good friendship with her.

A punishment that had, therefore, the desired results!

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