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Expectations vs Reality: 17 times customers…
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Expectations vs Reality: 17 times customers have been totally disappointed with their purchases

By Alison Forde

Have you ever ordered something on the internet, bewitched by the advertising image, and then found yourself disappointed when it arrived? It is an experience that, at least once in a lifetime, happens to everyone, even the most cautious of consumers. It'ss easily to make mistakes, especially when ordering products from lesser-known sites or, from some large Chinese giants similar to Amazon. The disappointment can be huge in some cases and in order not to risk taking it too seriously it's better to have a laugh and, perhaps, opt for a bad seller review. The same goes for the misleading advertisements we find on food boxes - a promise that is almost never kept! Take a look at this photo list: do you recognize yourself in any of these situations?

1. "A new place opened in town and I wanted to try this appetising sandwich but they served me this. Inside there is only meat, meat and more meat."

2. When you order the Christmas tree on Wish thinking you got a great deal ...


3. Perhaps in the product description they meant that a dog miniature could fit in it...

4. Not quite the gingerbread house they imagined ...

5. The mask I ordered vs. the one I actually received


6. Something went wrong here...

7. Christmas cupcakes are a tradition ...


8. From "Jessica Rabbit" to "Bollywood" in one move!

9. A warning to all those who insist on buying on obscure sites ...


10. "The store manager told us that we need to open the branches better ..."

11. This explains why many people have trouble trusting others ...

12. "No wonder it took longer than usual to complete this puzzle ..."

13. "This stuff cost me over $25. My disappointment is palpable ..."

14. Nailed it...

15. When you order a Doreamon toy and you get this ...

16. It wasn't a bad idea, but maybe you shouldn't have ordered it on Wish ...

17. BONUS: When you give it your best shot, but ...

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