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A teenager steals his parents' car:…
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A teenager steals his parents' car: his father punishes him by selling all his belongings

December 24, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The controversy about the right way to raise and discipline a child is always ongoing and can get very heated. As has been said several times, there are no golden rules, written in the manual of "perfect parenting", on how to raise a child, but surely you can adopt strategies to pass on your principles as part of the basic education of your children. In Phoenix, Arizona (USA), the parents of an undisciplined teenager had to resort to an exemplary punishment after learning what the boy had been up to in their absence.

Angel Martinez, a 14-year-old boy, took advantage of his parents' absence to steal the family Range Rover and drive around the neighborhood exceeding the speed limit. The stunt was committed while his father and mother were in Las Vegas to celebrate their wedding anniversary in advance. During their romantic getaway, the couple were contacted by local police and forced to rush home because of what Angel had been up to. The punishment devised for their beloved son was highly appreciated by internet readers and, above all, by the local neighborhood. The boy was forced to empty his room and put his possessions up for sale in the driveway in front of his home.

His bed, TV, new shoes, clothes - all for sale! The young man was forced to hang up a sign with his apologies for what he had done: "I apologize for stealing my parents' car and exceeding the speed limit". A gesture enforced by Angel's father, Ramon, who underlines how that stunt could have caused to an unexpected tragedy. A kid driving a Range Rover, in fact, well over the speed limit, could have inadvertently run over someone.


A justified punishment also according to Angel himself, who realized he was wrong and had put other people's lives at risk. The boy will have to sleep for a few days on the sofa, refelcting on his stupid and dangerous stunt!

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