Two identical twins marry two identical twins: then one of them gives birth to another pair of twins -
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Two identical twins marry two identical…
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Two identical twins marry two identical twins: then one of them gives birth to another pair of twins

By Alison Forde

Think how strange fate can be at times; would you have ever imagined a world where two twin brothers meet two twin sisters by chance in a bar, fall madly in love with them and get married? This resulted in two couples, happy and content with their unusual situation, but you might think we're talking about a movie plot. But reality sometimes surpasses even the wildest fantasy, and so imagine if one of the two married women then gave birth ... to more twins!

A fairytale plot that really happened in 1998 in the US state of Ohio; the twin brothers Craig and Mark Sanders met Diane and Darlene Nettemeier in a bar, they fall in love and formed two separate but at the same time very close couples. A year after their wedding, Diane and Craig had identical twins. An extremely rare occurence, given that identical twins are born in 3 out of every 1,000 families, but the chances of identical twins giving birth to identical twins are more like one in a million.

In the following years, Mark and Darlene also had a child and then a pair of identical twins, a fact so strange that, although tit's highly improbable mathematically, it has an absolutely scientific explanation: in short, both pairs of twin parents have the exact same selection of genes, that is, they are literally identical in every genetic aspect. In turn, their two sets of children are as genetically close to each other as brothers and sisters can be, yet they are effectively cousins.


A history of family genetics so rare and yet so scientifically possible that for years they have been the subject of various broadcasts and television programs that have highlighted this particular genetic record.

Today, the two Sanders families live in the same neighborhood in neighboring houses, although these houses, thankfully, are not exactly identical!


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