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"If you want to go on vacation, find…
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"If you want to go on vacation, find a job": a husband explains his reasoning to his wife

December 08, 2020 • By Alison Forde

A couple's relationship is not always characterized by the same interests, the same inclinations, the same points of view and above all the same desires; sometimes, the greatest misunderstandings between husband and wife arise precisely from these rifts. In these cases, however, it's always better to iron out your differences with yur partner and try to come to a compromise, also to improve your everyday coexistence. This couple is experiencing a relationship rift, rooted in different goals ...

via: Reddit
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An anonymous man on Reddit explained that he has been married to his wife for 7 years; he works outside the home, she has always been a housewife; a deal that had been made long before they got married and which was never a problem before. But then the arrival of two children and the expense of feeding them, supporting them and sending them to school made him see his married life from a different point of view. On Reddit he said: "The expenses add up quickly and even though I have a good job and we are comfortable financially, it doesn't leave much room in our budget for frivolous spending. My wife wants to take vacations, buy expensive things to decorate the house and she wants to do some renovations. I explained to her that we don't have that much disposable income. "

The man further added: "I pay her loans, mortgage, insurance (home, health, car). I pay for all the groceries, phone bills. Anything that requires money, I pay. Plus she gets about $100 a week in her account for the things she buys, like her hair, makeup and crazy skincare routine and various beauty treatments. I don't care how she spends her money, but if I point it out she resents it. I ask her for help and we always end up arguing and being angry for days or weeks. I'm tired of all this."


image: Pxhere

A rather spoiled wife if we are to rely on the story told by this exhausted man; who is right in this rather complex family situation which is unravelling? Many Reddit readers have decidedly sided with the husband, urging him to speak more clearly with his wife about the situation at home that needs to change in the future.

And you, which side are you on?



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