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He kneels and gives an engagement ring…
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He kneels and gives an engagement ring to his wifewho is just out of hospital: they have been in love for 64 years

December 07, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When love is true it lasts a lifetime. It does not matter that time passes inexorably or that we are no longer young, even when you are old this extraordinary feeling never ceases to exist, and your heart never stops beating for the person you are loved by your whole life. As happened with Karl and Donna Von Schwarz, a couple who have been married for 64 years and who, despite the hardships of life, continue to stay as committed as they ever were.

via: CBS News

Donna is 81 years old, and in 2018 she needed heart surgery, which was followed by an epileptic episode and a very serious stroke. For this reason Donna spent most of that year going from one hospital to another. And in all this, her husband Karl has not but abandoned her, not even for a second.

Karl and Donna met in the 1950s and were finally married in 1956, bringing to four children into the world and greeting nine grandchildren over the years!

Such a large family had to be born of an equally great love, which is why Karl, after his wife's long rehabilitation, promised her that when she was finally released, he would buy her a new engagement ring!

A promise which was maintained in all respects. Once out of the hospital, Donna saw her Karl kneel in front of her, as he gave her a beautiful sparkling ring that would testify to their eternal love. After all, Karl didn't abandon his wife during her entire hospital stay, not even for a minute!


For 64 years Karl and Donna have been married, and not even the storms of life have affected their love; to celebrate this incredibly rare bond, a ring is just what is needed.

To such a couple we can only wish, with all our hearts, a peaceful life full of enormous satisfaction!

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