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He wins the lottery and goes to collect…
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He wins the lottery and goes to collect the prize wearing a mask so as not to be recognized by greedy relatives

December 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When you become a millionaire after a fortuitous win, you need to have an extra focus on your personal safety, as you suddenly find yourself having to manage a lot of money. Indeed, it is said that one should not trust even one's closest friends or family members. On the other hand, when you win a million dollars, how do you stay "normal"? After a very lucky win, a man found himself with $1.7 million to collect and the title of "newly made millionaire" to live up to. Concerned about his greedy family, the man went to collect his winnings only 2 months after discovering he was the winner and, to do so, he showed up at the event wearing a famous mask, gloves and a cape: all so as not to get himself recognize by his family!

He signed the check in grand style, wearing one of the most famous masks of horror cinema of the last 30 years on his face. The man was identified simply as "A. Campbell", who only collected his hefty winnings 2 months after the lottery draw. In fact, the man said he fell ill as soon as he discovered he had won the Super Lotto in Jamaica.

The man revealed to reporters that he is still in shock over his million dollar plus win and that, also for this reason, he decided to disguise himself as the villain of the horror film "Scream", a disguise that prevented him from revealing his true identity to greedy, money-hungry relatives.

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