15 cute animals that know no differences…
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15 cute animals that know no differences when it comes to friendship

November 22, 2020 • By Alison Forde

And who said that tender friendships cannot arise between animals of different species? Friendship is a feeling that goes far beyond diversity and the differences that coexist in this world; here we have selected for you a very sweet gallery of images to illustrate this theory of ours: friendship knows no boundaries and nothing in the world can ever break it. You don't believe it? Be moved and have fun too with these wonderful photos from the web!

A dog and a goat ... two inseparable friends!

No you're not seeing things: a friendship was born between this horse and a kitten!


Although of a different breed and color .... they embrace just the same!

image: mayaxs/Reddit

Can a dog and a fox become inseparable friends? The answer is yes!

Family does not only mean biological kinship ...


Every day these horses greet my dog with a kiss ... how sweet!

Now that they have been given a step up, not even the boundary wall can separate them!


Oh, look how sweet this calf and this dog are together!

image: Facebook

Dogs and children: a long history of affection!


We are of different sizes, but we are still inseparable!

Despite everything: friends as usual!

Between men and horses ... it's been a long friendship!

They have opposite eyes, but they are two inseparable friends!

Simply adorable!

Friends forever!

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