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17 newborn babies who at just a few…
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17 newborn babies who at just a few days old looked like adorable old men

November 18, 2020 • By Alison Forde

A child's smile always manages to cheer and move us, distancing us from any negativity and straightening even the most crooked day. The birth of a child, then, is an even more a unique and exciting event, which no parent would ever want to miss. But have you ever observed a newborn immediately after giving birth? The little gnome would be hard to describe as beautiful, because he will still be all swollen and wrinkled from the birth trauma he suffered. Small children, in fact, with all those wrinkles and their expressions of amazement, already look like adorable old men! Despite being just a few days old, sometimes even hours, some babies seem older than they really are. Of course, these features don't make them any less adorable!

1. When you wake up from a 3pm nap ...

image: Imgur

2. When you are born in 2020 and you can only be disappointed by this terrible year


3. The judgmental gaze of those who have years and years of experience behind them ... ah no!

4. Just born and already full of wrinkles!

5. A little grandpa like him needs pajamas to match!


6. "In my day there was no stuff like this on the street!"

image: Imgur

7. "You don't want to change my diaper ... do you? I'm too big for these things ..."


8. He immediately got into the part with this costume: perfect!

9. "My children look like an old couple!"


10. "My daughter declares that the session is closed!"

11. A real pensioner's look! He looks like one of those old handyman uncles who pass themselves off as plumbers, electricians, workers ...

12. Access to the pool is reserved for the neighborhood boss

image: Eat Liver

13. The journey doesn't seem to have been to his liking ..

14. His hair is already thinning

15. What a forbidding scowl!

16. He appears to be enjoying his retirement

17. A real old man's expression!


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