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A girl dresses up as a bride and sets…
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A girl dresses up as a bride and sets a "trap" for her boyfriend, taking a priest and a bridesmaid with her

November 18, 2020 • By Alison Forde

For a woman, her wedding day is one of the most important in her life; a dream that comes true, that of living with the person you love, having your own home, starting a family, and maybe having a baby. This day is so important that many women can't wait to take the plunge ... maybe a little too soon! Just like the protagonist of this absurd and incredible story, who rented a wedding dress, a priest and a bridesmaid to celebrate her wedding ... in a shop!

image: YouTube

Yes, this girl decided that two years of official engagement, complete with a ring, with her boyfriend was taking too long; a decision had to be made: either they would marry, or they would break up permanently. So she hired a wedding dress, called a priest to officiate the ceremony and brought along a maid of honor.

Everything was ready for the long-awaited wedding ... too bad the girl presented the fait accompli to her partner while he was working in the Target chain store; the boy, visibly embarrassed, asked his girlfriend to leave the shop to talk about it in a more private context ...

image: YouTube

We don't know if the girl's unexpected arrangements convinced her boyfriend to finally take the plunge after two years of official engagement, but the images of the woman entering Target dressed in a wedding dress with a priest and bridesmaid in tow were promptly recorded by customers and published online.

But did the boy say yes?

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