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A girl discovers that her boyfriend…
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A girl discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her when she sees a reflection in his sunglasses

November 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Infidelity is something that is difficult to forgive and that, moreover, is often and repeated by the offenders over time. In fact, those who betray generally tend to repeat the mistake, disappointing the partner who had decided to stay with them day after day. Most of the time, however, the relationship ends brutally once the first signs of infidelity are discovered. Sydney Kinsch is a young girl who discovered her boyfriend's betrayal through an innocent photo that the man himself had sent her. In the selfie that the boy sent to Sydney, there is a small detail that he didn't notice: the reflection in his sunglasses showed the legs of a woman sitting in the car next to him.

It seems that there have been other cases of many other guys who, due to ineptitude and naivety, have sent pictures to their girlfriends without realizing small details that have certainly not escaped their partners. Sydney's relationship ended immediately after this photo was sent. The girl immediately called her boyfriend asking for an explanation regarding the  woman allegedly sitting next to him in the car. The boy started justifying himself, trying to evade Sydney's questions, until he claimed that it was the girlfriend of a friend he was giving a lift to. Unfortunately, this was yet another lie: Sydney began to "investigate", discovering that the man had been with at least 5 different girls in the last month.

For Sydney, the season of loneliness and singledom immediately began, as she absolutely did not want to forgive her boyfriend for his infidelity. If it weren't for that photo, she'd probably still be wasting her time chasing a man who doesn't deserve her. After 4 years of relationship, all we have to say is: better late than never!

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