An elephant runs to help the keeper…
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An elephant runs to help the keeper who takes care of her every day when she sees him in trouble

October 31, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When looking after an animal's health is your main job, you can be sure that an unprecedented bond will be created on both sides. Animals are extremely affectionate and can recognize very well when they are in the presence of a "good" person who knows how to take care of their needs. When it comes to creating a lasting relationship between a good keeper and their pet, it's no wonder the pet will return that affection in time of need. Some employees of a nature park thought of doing a little experiment, with one of the elephants and its keeper.

image: YouTube

The three park employees decided to do a little experiment, and filmed it. One of the three pretended to attack the keeper of one of the elephants, Thonsri, pretending to harm him. Obviously it was staged, but Thonsri, an affectionate elephant, unaware of the real intentions of the men, immediately rushed to the rescue of her keeper friend.

An incredible scene, which saw Thonsri immediately rush to the aid of her friend, as soon as she saw him fall down and get beaten up by his colleague. The fake attacker saw fit to retreat as soon as the elephant started running towards him.


With immense affection, the baby elephant tries to get the man who takes care of her every day to his feet, in a truly touching scene.

Elephants exhibit a wide variety of behaviors, including those associated with pain, learning, mimicry, play, altruism, use of tools, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, memory and communication. This video partially demonstrates how much compassion and selflessness the park elephant shows towards her friend.

 A precious and indestructible friendship!


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