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Video Elephants

First, the baby elephant hits the woman, but it is his next move that is making this video go viral!

Have you ever experienced something so exciting that you could not wait to upload it to the Internet to post it to all your friends and share with them the same experience? This is what happened to Hannah…

This baby elephant throws a tantrum and what does its mother do?

Whims and temper tantrums are the most common ways children use to provoke their parents in order to attract their attention! In fact, every child knows how to use whims and temper tantrums to push their mom…

A sleepyhead baby elephant alarms everyone at the zoo!

On a warm day in the elephant hut at a zoo, inexplicably, a little baby elephant lying directly in the sun seems as though it does not or perhaps cannot wake up! The mother elephant, at first, is calm,…

Elephants in an animal park immediately adopt an orphaned elephant!

That elephants have very strong family ties and are willing and able to show affection for each other is by now well known, but to see their loving and protective instinct in action is always exciting.…

An elephant stuck in a mud pit is rescued from certain death!

The young elephant was found by a group of farmers as it was agonizing in a mud pit practically suffocating to death due to the water and thick mud! Fortunately, the young elephant was strong enough…

A tiny elephant plays with a basin full of water --- its antics are hilarious!

Some animals, although they do not live in aquatic environments, are nonetheless, particularly attracted to water. Elephants like to wallow in natural lakes and refresh their body by spraying themselves…

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