First, the baby elephant hits the woman, but it is his next move that is making this video go viral! -
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First, the baby elephant hits the woman,…
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First, the baby elephant hits the woman, but it is his next move that is making this video go viral!

March 23, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Have you ever experienced something so exciting that you could not wait to upload it to the Internet to post it to all your friends and share with them the same experience?

This is what happened to Hannah Frenchick, who posted on her YouTube profile a nice video filmed in an animal refuge center for elephants called the Patara Elephant Farm, in Chiang Mai in Thailand.

The woman suddenly found herself in close contact with a baby elephant who did not hesitate to show her lots of affection. Although in his own way!

The baby elephant approaches her looking for some hugs ... But not even the refuge operator (on the left) expected so much enthusiasm from the baby elephant!

The baby elephant after realizing the willingness of the tourist to cuddle, then bends it knees and tries to sit in her lap like a puppy dog! What is more, it seems to never get enough caresses! In fact, the video continues for 47 long seconds, and the baby elephant gets up off the muddy ground, and off the woman's body, only to start all over again with even more enthusiasm than before! 

This tourist has definitely received a lot more than what she wanted and expected while visiting the animal refuge center! Luckily for her, that day the baby elephant had an incredible need for affection and she was ready to give it, heedless of the rain and the mud! 

Would you like to experience something like this? We knew that elephants are extremely empathetic animals, but that they are are also so cute and sweet is completely new!


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