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20 people who fell in love with these…
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20 people who fell in love with these animals at very first sight

By Alison Forde

When we welcome a friend with a tail and four legs into the house, we already know that it will be love at first sight; a love full of cuddles, caresses, sweet eyes that look straight into ours. A story of affection and absolute loyalty that only those who have a pet can relate to. This gallery of images from the web also tells us this: when you establish the first gaze between a human being and a sweet animal ... it is immediately love at first sight!

They may not be among the warmest animals, but it seems that this cat and its owner are having a good time on the sofa!

He's a very cute dog and he knows it!


How could you resist those eyes?

This cat seems to be saying: "I'll protect you, master!"

The first gaze between a kitten and it's new human!


Happy birthday, four-legged angel!

"Don't touch him: I'll take care of him!"


Not just cats and dogs: even a cuddly duck can brighten your day!

This seems like a story of friendship which will last forever!


Sweet dreams both of you!

A stray cat snuggled in my arms...love at first sight!

Yes, it is a very tiny and very cute woodpecker, and it landed on my arm!

Doesn't it seem like he's saying "Pleeease!"

Ok, maybe this dog is a little too big compared to his "master", but it seems to us that they go so well together!

Yes, I just adopted a baby calf!

image: mrObry/Reddit

My dog is just irresistible!

A stray kitten seems to have just chosen its favorite human!

"Good morning, where can I take you?"

But how can you resist those little eyes?

Look how cute these sleeping fawns are!

image: TexB22/Reddit

It is absolutely impossible to resist these animals, kings and queens of cuteness!

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