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A man buys the bank which 18 years earlier…
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A man buys the bank which 18 years earlier had refused him a loan to start his business

October 21, 2020 • By Alison Forde

In life you have to be able to take risks and have the courage to improve your condition. As long as you have complete confidence in your possibilities, and don't think that the road  to success is easy, there will always be very difficult moments which you will be able to face with your head held high and overcome on your own. One thing that Adam Deering knows very well, who at the age of 21 gave up his job as a salesman with the aim of becoming a very successful entrepreneur.

via: Daily Mail

Adam Deering has always believed in his entrepreneurial skills, which is why at 21 he quit his job as a salesman in search of a bank loan to start a new phase in life. He was unprepared for what the bank would tell him: "I quit my sales job at 21 because I knew I had the ability to create a successful business, but I didn't have a penny in my name, so I needed a bank loan. I presented them with a full business plan and asked for £10,000, but the bank manager didn't seem to take me seriously at all. "

But Adam did not give up and he was not discouraged. He continued to work on his dream on his office floor, as he couldn't afford a table or chair. Chris, a friend and neighbor of his, offered to help him financially and it was thanks to his contribution that Adam, after several very difficult months with only his savings as a salesman, managed to create his entrepreneurial company.

18 years later, things have changed for the better for Adam. The man is now the head of five multimillion-dollar companies and has even bought the building where the bank was located for £450,000, which years earlier had turned him down. Instead of the old bank, Adam will build 8 apartments and a commercial space. Adam now talks about his life experience: "Building a business from scratch is certainly not easy and there are always times when you wonder if it will work. The key is to stay true to your vision and move forward, there will always be obstacles to be overcome."

A life lesson that not only worked for Adam, but which resonates as motivation for all those who are fighting hard to see their dreams come true!


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