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A guy sees a puma behind him during…
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A guy sees a puma behind him during a mountain run: he is chased by it for 6 thrilling minutes

October 22, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The video posted by this young athlete is incredible. We could make a comparison with one of those films that make you hold your breath for the duration, but in this case the tension is concentrated in 5 minutes. 5 minutes that make you thankful for being still alive even if you have not experienced this terrible story firsthand.

The young runner thought he was enjoying a magnificent run surrounded by breathtaking autumn views: everything was going just great when he realized that he was being followed by nothing other than a puma, a puma whose intentions did not seem exactly peaceful.

 Kyle Burgess is a passionate sports photographer who decided to hike in the beautiful Utah mountains in their enchanting autumn colors. According to the young man, shortly before he found himself with a puma on his heels he had entertained himself with some feline cubs that at first he had mistaken for lynx cubs.

He then left the cubs to continue his journey when he noticed a puma not far from him: he immediately understood that it was the mother of the cubs who, obviously, was not very happy with the close contact he had had with her young.

Despite the boy trying to make a loud noise to scare off the  big cat, the puma continued to follow him. Equipped with a camera, the young man was able to record the incredible encounter. Careful not to turn his back on the puma, he walked backwards for six very long minutes.

The cougar mom also tried to attack him by dashing forward and showing her teeth: circumstances under which very few people would be able to keep as cool a head as this guy did.


Eventually the young man managed to chase the animal away by throwing a stone in its direction. Luckily, the photographer, cougar mom and her cubs are fine and nobody got hurt. The boy must have suffered quite a scare but identifying with the puma, we can imagine that it was the same for her: her aggressive behavior was most likely due to her instinct to protect her cubs, reacting to any threat ... which in this case was the runner!


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