She is disfigured by a fire: her partner stays close to her and proves that love is not based on appearances -
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She is disfigured by a fire: her partner…
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She is disfigured by a fire: her partner stays close to her and proves that love is not based on appearances

November 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The story of Turia Pitt, who as an ex-model and successful young woman had to face enormous physical and psychological trauma due to a terrible accident in which her body sustained 60% burns, is nothing short of shocking, but full of love and courage. Turia was very lucky on the one hand, because after her accident she managed to recover, even if she had to pay dearly for being able to return to a normal life. How did she deal with all this pain and all these changes? Thanks to the unconditional love of her then partner, Michael Hoskin, who is now her husband and the father of her two beautiful children. True love is not something taken for granted or so simple to find nowadays, but there are still those who believe in it with all their might.

In 2011 Turia was 24 years old and competing in a very strenuous marathon in Australia. During this sporting event she was taken by surprise by a forest fire, which left her no where to immediately take shelter. It was not clear that Turia would even make it out alive, but luckily she was still alive when the rescuers intervened. Unfortunately, however, her hands, face and the rest of her body were all affected by severe burns. Suddenly, Turia literally lost her face and what it represented externally to others. But beyond appearances, don't forget what you are inside, your character and your interests - all of which her partner Michael has never forgotten. Michael, in fact, who at the time was her boyfriend, despite having found an excellent job as a mining engineer, decided to put everything aside to devote himself completely to Turia and her recovery.

Turia was severely disfigured by her burns, so much so that she was practically unrecognizable. This would be a blow to anyone, especially Turia, a young girl who had always had everything in life and who had always been considered very pretty. All this, however, was not enough to push Michael away, her longtime companion, who with obstinacy and perseverance helped and supported her psychologically during 2 long years of hospitalization.


Poor Turia spent nearly $3 million on plastic surgery and was forced to wear treatment face masks. The young woman struggled to accept her appearance and every time she found the strength to look in the mirror she felt disgust at her image. Michael's unconditional love changed many things, thankfully. Today he and Turia are married and have two beautiful children: the young woman has been reborn and now leads a life full of happiness and love. It's not always obvious that your partner will prove himself so faithful and supportive in a moment of such severe pain, but fortunately there are rare exceptions that remind us that true love exists!


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