She went to the bathroom and spread her head with depilatory cream: this little girl's crazy new look -
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She went to the bathroom and spread…
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She went to the bathroom and spread her head with depilatory cream: this little girl's crazy new look

By Alison Forde

Do not leave your small children in the house unattended, not even for a minute: we never know what they will get up to behind their poor parents' backs. Our little ones at home, even unwittingly, are capable of getting up to all sorts of mischief, and even if they do it in a playful way and without relizing the consequences, the parents however, may experience real moments of panic. Just like in the Saward family, when little Maisie had free access to the hair removal cream in the bathroom ...

via: Metro UK

While Mom Kirsty was out and Dad Luke was home, Maisie was momentarily left alone playing with her twin brother; Dad  however, had left the bathroom door open, and so the little girl slipped inside and managed to get her hands on a tube of depilatory cream. Not knowing what it was for, she generously massaged her head with this cream, letting it ... take effect!

When dad Luke entered the room and realized what had happened, he panicked and went a little crazy: the depilatory cream had unfortunately already taken effect on little Maisie's hair: now, the hair had disappeared from the front of her head, and the locks only started halfway up!


With the improvised look that made her look so much like a character out of a horror movie, both dad Luke and mom Kirsty were left shocked. For the first day the two didn't even speak, since Kirsty had fallen out with Luke because of his "neglect", but then, as the days went by, the Sawards started to see the "funny" side of it.

Sure, Maisie's new haircut wasn't exactly Mom and Dad's favorite, but the fact is that it could have been much worse, and that despite the disaster precipitated by the pesky twin, a healthy laugh sometimes never hurts!


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