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A 70-year-old man is looking for work…
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A 70-year-old man is looking for work to get the pension he is entitled to: his photo goes viral

By Alison Forde

If for young people, finding a new job is not easy, consider those who have passed a certain age and no longer seem "attractive" to the labor market. Guillermo Martínez Castillón is a 70-year-old man, resident in Obregón, Mexico, who, despite his age, every day still goes in search of a job that will allow him to complete the contributions he needs to collect his pension. In fact, Guillermo still needs 40 weeks of contributions to be able to qualify as a pensioner for the Mexican Institute of Social Security. Don Guille defines himself as an honest and responsible worker, and his photo has literally gone around the world.

In the photo which has appeared on more or less on all social media platforms and which has been reported by various international newspapers, Guillermo appears with a sign in his hand and a disconsolate expression: "I'm 70, I'm looking for a job, I'm very responsible, honest and serious ", followed by his mobile number. The man, who has worked as a construction worker all his life, would like to collect his well-deserved pension, but still has some missing contributions. To be precise, Don Guille still needs 40 weeks of contributions and it is for this reason that at his age he is still searching for a job. Unfortunately, the man has been unemployed for a few months and although his story and his photo have gone viral, he has not yet found a job, but only some offers of financial help.

We hope that Guillermo will soon find some rest in his old age!

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