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15 four-legged friends who have conquered…
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15 four-legged friends who have conquered their owners with a single glance

October 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

If you need to feel affection and warmth, or that great feeling that is love, don't look for it in human beings; it's too complicated. No, your search will undoubtedly have a more satisfactory result if you bring a very sweet four-legged friend into the house; whether it is a dog or a cat, he will always know how to reward your attention, your affection, your concern with a healthy dose of fidelity and tenderness, as only they know how to give.

The love of a dog mom for her newborn puppies!

No one is missing from this happy family of cats!


I love you, dear human!

Please take me on your trip with you!

And who said that a friendship cannot be born between a dog and a duck?


Finally it's time for dinner!

A very cute selfie of my dog and ... a seal!


I am very, very angry!

When he sleeps in this position he is truly irresistible!

image: Ms_KK/Reddit

A practically invincible duo!

Anyone want to adopt them?

image: 19doug/Reddit

My son and his kitten watching TV together!

Impossible not to melt faced with this canine smile!

A photo shoot to raise a laugh: look at my cat's pose!

Goodnight little star!

What would the world be without our four-legged friends? A world without love, most likely!

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