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A woman dies suddenly after cleaning…
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A woman dies suddenly after cleaning the bathroom due to a toxic mix of cleaning products

October 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Did you know that the home is one of the places where many fatal or serious accidents occur? We must always be careful about the activities we undertake inside our homes, especially if we are intent on cleaning. Why? Because even the products we use for cleaning the house can have damaging or deadly effects on our health. Just as has happened to Leah Seymour, a 34-year-old woman from the suburbs of London.

Leah worked as an employee in a car wash run by her boss Peter Seferi; one morning, Peter set off to go to the 34-year-old woman's house; Leah had recently finished cleaning her bathroom with bleach. Suddenly, Peter noticed that Leah was having difficulty breathing, then she collapsed on the floor, unconscious.

After giving the woamn cardiopulmonary massage, Peter called for an ambulance which rushed her to the hospital, where they confirmed that Leah was having a very serious asthma attack.

After being put into an induced coma, Leah Seymour passed away four days later, to the great distress of her family and her friends and acquaintances. Apparently, the fatal asthma attack had been induced by a dangerous mix of the bleach she'd used to clean the bathroom and two toilet cleaning products. Peter Seferi, the girl's boss, for his part decided to pay tribute to the diligent employee who had worked for him for more than 8 years by changing the name of his business to "Celia's Hand Wash", in homage to the nickname she was known as by everyone.

A terrible story that reminds us once again how some household cleaning products can be more dangerous to our health than we imagine.


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