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14 animals who look like furry humans…
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14 animals who look like furry humans

By Alison Forde

Sometimes we say proudly that our dear four-legged friends are so full of love and feeling that they would only need to be able to speak to bring them so close to the behavior of us human beings. The fact that they do not speak, however, certainly does not stop them from assuming attitudes and behaviors that seem to perfectly echo those of human beings. And certainly, in these hilarious situations, the owners of these animals could not help but immortalize the moment!

Look how it holds the kitten in its paws!

Look at him, he's sleeping just like a baby!

image: Pikabu

This cat really cares so much about his fellow cat... at the vet!

image: Pikabu

A pat on the back like a true feline friend!

Kittens looking out of the window like two nosy housewives!


Dinner is ready!

image: Dezean/Reddit

A salesman who can truly be seen as a model of ... efficiency!


The look of someone who has understood everything in life ...

Lying on the sofa like your owner? Done!


My two dogs also love to doze on the armchairs watching a good movie ... just like me!

Collar and tie interview!

This wonderful dog helps children testify in court, relaxing them and putting them at ease

We are a happy family!

There there, everything will be fine!

 We bet that your pet has also tried to ... copy you!

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