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His body is completely tattooed and…
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His body is completely tattooed and he is an elementary school teacher: this is why many would like to get him out of school

By Alison Forde

What would you think if one of the teachers in your school was a very talented, young man who loved tattooing every inch of his body? Would you think your children would be traumatized for life? We certainly wouldn't blame you, yet apparently Sylvain Helaine, the most tattooed man in France and also a kindergraten teacher, did not take long to gain the trust of his little students, though perhaps not immediately on first meeting. 

via: The Sun

Sylvain Helaine is a 35-year-old man, and since he was 27 he has been following two dreams: the first is to tattoo his whole body, the other is linked to his passion for teaching, which he has been carrying out for some years in French preschools. At the age of 35, Sylvain is considered the most tattooed man in the France, so much so that even his eyes and tongue have not been spared.

Unfortunately, however, many parents have not wanted to let him be the teacher of their children "marked" in this way, and so he was officially asked not to teach in elementary schools anymore but from middle school upwards, to avoid traumatizing younger pupils. 

Sylvain, however, did not agree with this decision, convinced that his appearance, after the first impression, is no longer  a problem for young students, according to his previous experience as a teacher: "In the beginning when I got tattooed , I did it selfishly, I thought about myself and not others. Then I realized that children who see me learn a lot about tolerance and respect for others. It may be that when they grow up they don't become racist or homophobic, that they don't look at disabled people like freaks. I think that's good."

He also added: "In class I said to myself: if I got a tattoo, I certainly wouldn't become a bad person. A tattoo doesn't change your character and behavior." Wise words, however, which have generated a lot of discussion in French public opinion, and which has caused a split between those who would like him thrown out of the teaching profession and those who instead would like to give him a chance beyond mere physical appearances.

And you, which side would you take?


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