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20 pets that have grown "hand in hand"…
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20 pets that have grown "hand in hand" together with their owners

By Alison Forde

When we decide to take the plunge and adopt a pet, our life changes drastically, and for the better. Yes, because having an animal in the house not only keeps us company, but also grows with us, marking in a sweet and unforgettable way some of the most fundamental stages of our life. We have lived these indelible moments "hand in paw" with our pets, who have participated in the big and little things in our daily life like no other.

A dog who has been with his young mistress since the cradle ...

Same cat, same owner, same photo!


My kitten always loved rummaging through bags: years later, he hasn't changed at all!

From puppy to sweet and playful adult!

He's been sleeping next to me since he was a puppy, a habit he never got out of!


A tenderness that lasts forever!

Sleeping together? They have been doing it since the baby was "in swaddling clothes"!


He always loved lying in the sink!

The bond between me and my dog is unbreakable: these two photos are proof of that!


I held him when he was just a newborn puppy ... now, we're practically inseparable!

image: hhc8 / Imgur

Before and now: practically inseparable forever!

My kitten's exponential growth...

Before and after, the same mistress, the same sweet kitten!

Look how my baby has grown ...

The sweetness and tenderness are still the same ... years later!

I have held him in my arms since I was a child ... and who could leaving him now?

And who said that a great friendship cannot be born between a dog and a cat?

The wolf loses its hair, but not its vice!

A friend ... is forever!

Time passes, but this cat's always remains intact!

Our dear animal friends are truly the most important witnesses of our growth and development, from babies to adults!

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