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His mother grounded him: he filled his…
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His mother grounded him: he filled his backpack with toys and decided to leave home

October 07, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Many of us know it well: family life, with one or more small children, is not always easy to deal with. When a child arrives, and then maybe he is followed by another, discontent and conflict are always around the corner. In reality it is absolutely normal: children grow, they have their needs, their characters that are developing, and sometimes they can be disrespectful, irritating and stubborn.

The 5-year-old protagonist of the funny episode we are about to tell you of is just like that: having misbehaved towards his little brother, he got a well deserved rebuke from his mother. In response, he decided that he had had enough, and that from then on he would be more "independent", packing his bags to leave home ...

That's right: in a video shot by the mother herself, you can clearly see the child with his backpack on his shoulders, filled with cuddly toys and games, his determined, angry expression and the desire to leave home to start a new life. His mother, who witnessed the scene, could not help but bring him back and make him think, in a dialogue that is both tender and funny.

When the child's mother scolded him for making his younger brother cry, he didn't stop, thinking it was funny. In response, he was put into detention, and at that point he understood that he had to leave home ... A decision which is a little premature for a 5-year-old. His mother, when she found him at the front door , couldn't help but ask for an explanation.

"Are you going out? Why are you leaving? What will you do for money and school? And where will you live?" she asked. The child, who evidently hadn't thought too much about the consequences of his "escape" from home, paused for a moment to reflect on the things his mother asked him about.

The little boy replied, barely holding back tears, that he would manage on his savings, that is 4 dollars, that he would no longer go to kindergarten and that he would live in a trailer. "What about food? Who'll make it for you? What about your friends? You'll have to say goodbye them." At that point, for sure, something broke in the boy's "perfect" plan.


Thinking that he would miss his classmates, and that no one would make the delicious meals he was used to, he started to back off and, resigned, went back to his room. By giving up a little of his fun, he stopped misbehaving towards his little brother and thought it would be better to stay indoors with his family. The video, which went viral on the internet, is really adorable, just like this child: a little "rebel" who, in the end, was able to reconsider!

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