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Her father asks her not to reveal that…
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Her father asks her not to reveal that he is a street sweeper: she shows everyone a photo full of love and pride

By Alison Forde

Sometimes we think that a person's job and social position are directly related to the success, maturity and happiness they have. Perhaps thanks to a society in which appearances are everything, we let ourselves be carried away by the need to "seem" perfect, rich and in a fulfilling career.

In reality, it is enough to stop for a moment's reflection to realize that such ideas are really empty and superficial. Fortunately, there are often stories - such as the one we are about to tell you - that prove this to us, and that manage to teach us something valuable about life. At the center of this story are an Iranian girl and her humble father, who works as a street cleaner by profession.

We called this man "humble", but his humility is not, and has never been, synonymous with inferiority. On the contrary: this family man has always earned a living with sweat and hard work, working to ensure a better future for his loved ones. And his efforts paid off as his daughter became a successful professional. Despite this, however, the man has never fully accepted his station in life, for him still a source of shame.

Fearing that his daughter would be ashamed of him and his humble position, the man asked her the favor of not telling anyone about his job, so that she would not be exposed to possible laughter or ridicule. The daughter, however, instead of accepting her dad's shame, decided that she would act in an exemplary manner, responding with a photo and words that quickly made the rounds of the internet.

"My father is a street cleaner, I am proud of him. I love you dad". A few, simple words, combined with a photo of her hugging her father in workwear. An image and a description that are worth more than a thousand speeches, for the pride and emotion that they convey. After the young woman shared the photo on the web, there was no shortage of admiring comments and compliments from many people from all over the world.

image: Pixabay

Although getting by day after day certainly isn't easy for this Iranian father, we can be sure that his daughter's reaction has shown everyone how well she was raised with solid values and principles, capable of carrying her beyond any prejudice. Every job has its dignity, even the humblest, and it's never too late to shout it out to the world.


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