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12 animals who were caught red-handed…
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12 animals who were caught red-handed and immediately looked "guilty"

By Alison Forde

Our 4-legged friends are truly incorrigible and full of surprises. You never get bored with them, especially when they are caught red-handed committing "misdeeds" by their masters and give us pleading looks because they feel guilty. In these funny situations they are truly irresistible. Even the owners of these pesky four-legged angels know this, and have immortalized them "red handed" in these hilarious pictures!

I have clearly interrupted a secret conflab between cats and dogs!

Captured in a rare moment of reflection!


Here's who stole the cheese!

Caught sleeping snuggled up to his beloved master in this position!

Caught at the exact moment this cat is making a death defying leap!


He's about to sneeze!

That's who's been rummaging in my purse!

image: Schumi/Reddit

Did I interrupt something?

"Sorry, Mom!"


Caught red-handed!

What the heck were you doing?

Cat fight!

What a boring world it would be without our pesky four-legged friends!

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