Identical twins marry identical twins: now they are expecting children who will not only be cousins, but also genetic siblings -
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Identical twins marry identical twins:…
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Identical twins marry identical twins: now they are expecting children who will not only be cousins, but also genetic siblings

August 29, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Being a twin is not just being part of a somewhat rare and curious family. Among individuals born with "counterparts" with the same genetic makeup, the similarities often become almost a matter of lifestyle. This begins almost as a game or a tradition started by the parents.

The same clothes, same toys, same hobbies, and so on. A whole way of living their lives sometimes starts from this up bringing. They are no longer just like single people but always half of a pair.

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The sisters Brittany and Briana are twins, and they are part of this world that does everything in twos. For this reason, it was really important for the two girls to find companions who shared the same outlook, biology and experience. They both knew that it would be very difficult to make this wish come true, but in the end they managed it. At the Twins Days Festival 2018 in Twinsburg, Ohio, they met Josh and Jeremy Salyers, also identical twins.

Their dream has come true. The two couples got married in a ceremony dubbed "Twice Upon a Time", by two church ministers who are also twins. Staying on the double theme, Briana and Brittany both discovered that they were pregnant at the same time. In reality we don't know whether this double conception was planned or not, however the good news was also celebrated with ironic photos on social media, in which the husbands and their wives take off the famous Bay Watch TV series.


In the images you can see the young couples dressed as lifeguards, with the girls in one-piece swimsuits and baby bumps which, to paraphrase the show, carry the words "Baby Watch". The thing that makes this family special is that when the children are born they will be cousins and genetic siblings at the same time, having practically the same DNA in common. No doubt about it, this double story corresponds to a double happy ending. In this case "soul mates" really are "twin souls".

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