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10 animals that will melt your heart…
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10 animals that will melt your heart with one look

By Cylia Queen

When we have a cat or dog in the house, we knew that from time to time we would fine their adorable faces irresistible. What we tend to forget, however, is that other animals are capable of showing us the same irresistible characteristics of their cat and dog counterparts. Don't believe us? Try looking through this photo gallery without saying the word "Aw" multiple times. 

A crab... in miniature size!

image: Daboof/Reddit

Just look how precious this turtle's smile is!

image: Imgur

Have you ever seen such adorable eyes?

Nothing is cuter than a sleeping hedgehog!

Snakes can be scary, but this one wrapped up in a cozy sweater sure puts a smile on our face!

This mouse definitely has a taste for the finer arts!

These little duckling found himself a nice comfy place to nap!

Even sheep have a cute and tender side!

Have you ever seen a rabbit's nest before? These baby rabbits are so adorable!

Don't tell me you haven't fallen head over heels for this baby cow... he has the cutest face!

See? We told you it was impossible to get through these photos without cracking a smile! 

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