She was declared dead for 27 minutes but then came back to life: upon awakening she described Heaven -
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She was declared dead for 27 minutes…
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She was declared dead for 27 minutes but then came back to life: upon awakening she described Heaven

By Alison Forde

There are some stories that are difficult to believe if you have not lived a similar experience, or one which was completely the same, but which still retain a great narrative power. If someone told you he had seen Heaven, on the other hand, how would you react? The experience of Tina Hines, a woman resident in Arizona, mother of 4 children, and the protagonist of what seems to be a true miracle, seems to support the thesis on the real existence of Heaven. The woman, in fact, suffered a cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead for 27 minutes. Then, suddenly, she woke up and had something to tell.

Tina Hines was ready to go on a nice hike with her husband Brian when she suddenly felt ill; following a cardiac arrest, doctors declared her dead for 27 minutes. The woman, in fact, literally "came back to life" and the first thing she asked for, in a state of shock, was a pen. Being intubated, Tina could not speak, so she urgently asked to be able to write on a piece of paper. Despite the confusion, her message was clear: "It's real". This was what she had written on the paper. Those present in the room asked her what exactly was "real" and the woman, in response, simply pointed her finger towards the sky, with tears in her eyes.

In a subsequent interview, Tina stated that she had seen Heaven and tried to describe it: "It was so real, the colors so vibrant". The woman, a true survivor, also reported having glimpsed a figure, probably that of Jesus, who was waiting for her in front of a black gate, beyond which there was a very strong light. Hearing her story, one understands how in those few minutes the woman reached the gates of Heaven. Those who have no faith, perhaps, will find it hard to believe this story; Tina and her husband are strong believers and today they consider themselves witnesses of a true miracle.

Tina's niece wanted to have the words "it's real" tattooed on her wrist, just as her aunt had written it once she was resusitated. For her it is a way to try to have more belief in a faith that, often and willingly, is absolutely not visible.

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