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A man discovers that his wife is cheating…
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A man discovers that his wife is cheating on him thanks to a photo found on Google Maps

August 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Proverbs abound when it comes to secrets and lies. From the classic "lies have short legs" we arrive at the less known but no less effective "only that which you do not do, you do not know". Even the most deeply hidden things are likely to come to light - it's just a matter of circumstances and time.

Over the years, the evolution and diffusion of technology has definitely changed things, literally rewriting the traditional concept of privacy.

image: google Maps

A woman living in the city of Lima, Peru, experienced firsthand how difficult it is today not to let someone know something, especially when it comes to your husband. The latter, browsing the internet, discovered that his wife was cheating on him. Evidence of the clandestine affair was in a photo immortalized on Street View by the famous Google Car. In the image you can see a couple, with him romantically resting his head on her lap.

Although the faces were obscured, the betrayed husband recognized the silhouette of his partner and her clothes. The shot dates back to 2013 and was taken at a place called Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco.

image: Google Maps

Unfortunately when everything came to light, the unfaithful woman and the deceived man separated. Nobody knows what would have happened if that photo hadn't come to his attention, but the fact is that it did. This is not the first time that Google’s omnipresent eye has been complicit in these revelations. It is not just about "extramarital investigations" but also about "mysterious sightings" which have raise many questions.

Episodes range from odd photos that raise conspiracy theories and sci-fi plots to useful geographic observations. Who knows if, sooner or later, someone will even find a Yeti or the infamous Loch Ness Monster thanks to Google ...

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