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13 adorable animals who have no idea…
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13 adorable animals who have no idea what privacy is

By Alison Forde

Whether it is a cat or a dog, for them there is no concept of privacy, and they will really do everything to not abandon their human master. The point, however, is that when humans become aware of this instinctive attitude, dictated in most cases by a question of affection towards their master, and when their four-legged friends stage these comic scenes, it is necessary to enjoy a hearty laught! See with your own eyes!

Whenever I go in the shower, I always find someone waiting for me ...

This dog's sense of humor is truly cruel - how to ruin a family photo!


The cat who never abandons its owner .... not even when he goes hiking!

Judging from this puppy's eyes, he will never abandon his owner again!

My cat absolutely does not want me to weigh the pasta ... all the attention must be devoted to him!


When you think you got rid of your dog for a few minutes, but he is there waiting for you on the sofa ...

Be careful where you sit, the cat is always watching you ...


A dog never abandons you, even when you are exercising!

When you wake up and find him asleep at close range ...


Every single time I go to the bathroom to take a shower ...

When the cat is the same as the owner ...

You can't sit here, human!

I cannot even take a selfie alone without them arriving ...

Is your pet also this pushy at times?

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