She discovered that her daughter bullied a classmate, so she took all the furniture and toys out of the room -
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She discovered that her daughter bullied…
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She discovered that her daughter bullied a classmate, so she took all the furniture and toys out of the room

By Alison Forde

Being a parent is not a simple thing for anyone: when you raise a child, the daily difficulties can be many and varied, from "simple" disagreements for pointless reasons to the strongest quarrels. Mothers and fathers play a fundamental role in raising a child, as they need to put them on the right path, to adopt respectful and selfless behaviors, to become a better adult.

Still, it's not always that simple and children, despite good direction, sometimes behave in ways we don't want them to. Amanda Mitchell knows this well. The Canadian mom made headlines for an exemplary punishment that she decided to give to her 9-year-old daughter Hannah after she found out she had bullied another girl at school. What did she do? She turned her daughter's room into a kind of ... prison.

via: Globalnews

When Amanda discovered the seriousness of her daughter's behavior at school towards a classmate, she literally went on the rampage and thought that if her daughter had taken the path of lies and bad behavior, then her destiny, as an adult, would not have been the best, and she might even end up in prison.

Thus, she created what she herself called a "juvenile detention center" in her daughter Hannah's bedroom. In a short time, she emptied the room of all the furniture, toys and accessories belonging to little girl, leaving only the bed, a pillow and a single change of clothes, which the daughter would have to wear for the whole week and that Amanda would have to wash every night.

It is useless to describe her daughter's astonishment and despair when she discovered what her mother had done to punish her. Bullying, for Amanda, was absolutely intolerable, and for this she decided to act harshly. In addition to the room being transformed into a bare environment lacking in stimulation, this little girl's mother also made her write 50 times every day, phrases like "I will not tell lies", "I will behave well in school" or "I will be responsible for my actions". Her only T-shirt also bore phrases against bullying.

When the woman published the photos of the empty bedroom on Facebook and explained to everyone what she had done, a real discussion was unleashed on the web. Among the people who answered her, there were those who commented positively on the punishment, considering it fair, adequate and useful to make the child better understand the importance of avoiding certain behaviors. Other readers, however, considered the incident completely exaggerated and the punishment far too severe, directly criticizing Amanda. 

“It doesn't seem like a harsh punishment. If Hannah grows up and breaks the law, the result is prison, and that's not what I want for my children. I think the problem of this generation is precisely the inadequate punishments". After the incident, Amanda reported that she had talked to her daughter, who realized the mistakes she had made and said she was very sorry. She even wrote a letter of apology to her classmate and her teacher. "I know that I have not hurt her - continued her mother - I do everything possible to help her". What do you think? Was this too severe a punishment?

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