Parents deny the $20,000 for their daughter's wedding when they find out she is getting married to a woman -
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Parents deny the $20,000 for their daughter's…
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Parents deny the $20,000 for their daughter's wedding when they find out she is getting married to a woman

By Alison Forde

The dream of every parent is to see their son or daughter happy, perhaps with a beautiful wedding, a family of their own and children; but not all mums' and dads' wishes coincide with those of their children. A broken dream awaited a couple of parents who had saved a lot of money for their daughter, waiting to be able to spend it on her future marriage. But the "kick in the teeth" came when they found out that their daughter would marry her partner.

The fact is that the mother of this girl, an anonymous woman who told her version of the facts on Reddit, said that, in agreement with her daughter, the amount of money that they had initially set aside for college, could be used by the family for her future marriage. But then, the so-called "kick in the teeth" came:

"About 4 years ago my daughter declared herself bisexual and started dating a girl. This shocked us a lot because we never saw her as the type. [...] My husband and I were really upset because we I always loved the idea that she would have a husband and family, grandchildren for us. We thought it was just a phase, but 4 years later they are still together and they got engaged last month."

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When the daughter asked if the $20,000 set aside by her parents during her college years could be used, the mother and father made an excuse, telling the daughter that they would use it for home renovations, an excuse that the daughter did not hesitate to label as homophobic, and that threw the two parents in total despair. Now, the daughter has decided that she no longer wants to speak to them.

The anonymous mother wrote: "I think she is very ungrateful, but now my other daughter has also turned on us and said that we are terrible parents. I am not homophobic, with respect to same-sex couples, but it's not exactly what I wanted for my daughter, that's all. "

Many Reddit users commented on her story, with split opinions: those who defended the choice of the parents and those who instead pointed out that the woman actually had a homophobic attitude. What position would you take in such a delicate situation?


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