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Teen makes fun of classmate after losing…
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Teen makes fun of classmate after losing her hair to chemo: as punishment, her father makes her shave his head

By Cylia Queen

When it comes to teaching our kids how to behave, there's really no one "right way" to do it. Usually, all it takes is some common sense and, most of the time, kids will turn out just fine. One of the most important things you can instill in your child is having empathy for others. It's a quality that many adults lack, which only hurts themselves and others in the end. If a child is unable to empathize with other children, they only see a small part of the story of what's really going on in another person's life. One father in particular wasn't very happy when he found out that his 16-year-old daughter made fun of a classmate after losing her hair to chemo. As punishment, he made her shave her head bald. 

The incident took place at the daughter's school. The daughter and fellow classmate didn't get along very well and argued quite often in class. This particular day, the arguing turned into insults and, before any knew it, they spiraled out of control. Knowing all too well that the classmate was wearing a wig after losing her hair to chemo, the daughter lunged at her classmate and yanked her wig off in front of the entire class. After the father learned that his daughter didn't feel the least bit guilty for embarassing her classmate in front of her peers, he decided to teach his daughter a lesson. Given his daughter wasn't able to put herself in the shoes of her classmate - not even for a moment - he was going to make sure she learned what it was like to go through chemo. That's when he forced her to shave her head completely bald. 

image: Unsplash

When the father recieved backlash from social media users about how he chose to punish his daughter, he did inform them that it was ultimately his daughter's choice. He gave her two options: either she lost all her electronic priveleges, including her cell phone, or she shaved her head. To a 16-year-old girl, the choice is simple. It doesn't matter how attached to their hair they might be, most girls would probably shave their head any day over losing their cell phone priveleges. The father had also explained that he had lost his mother at the age of 20 because of cancer, so he has very little tollerance for people who disresect cancer patients, espcially if it's his own daughter. The punishment he chose may seem harsh, but he assured everyone that he had good intentions. We only hope that, for his sake, his daughter won't hold it over his head for the rest of her life. What do you guys think?  

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