An entire instagram account is dedicated to celebrating women and their white hair -
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An entire instagram account is dedicated…
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An entire instagram account is dedicated to celebrating women and their white hair

August 01, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Covering up grays is really a tedious thing to do and, for many women, it's a never-ending cycle that they can't seem to free themselves from. Even if women would like to give up dying their hair, they are faced with daily reminders that gray hair on women isn't flattering. Billboard signs, tv commercials, magazines, ecc. are filled with advertisements encouraging women to cover up their grays in order to "hide their age." Age, however, is only a number, and there's nothing absolutely wrong with choosing to keep your hair its natural color, no matter how gray or white it is. One Instagram account is dedicated to posting pictures of women who choose to embrace their silvery and white locks, and we think they look absolutely splendid. Don't believe us? Have a look and see for yourself!

She found her first gray hair at 18 and immediately started dying her hair. These days, she kind of likes the effect her grays have on her overall look.

At the beginning, I was afraid to show of my grays. Now I love them!"


Mother and daughter showing off their gray hues together!

Choosing not to dye your hair is like accepting you for who you are!

Why should you be ashamed of your gray hair? They're great!


Who's gonna stop her now?!

"I was born with one white hair. As a teenager, I already had a lot of gray in the front while in the back they were still black. I dyed my hair until I was 40, and then I decided I didn't care what others thought about me."


Why should any women feel embarrassed for keeping their gray locks?

"My face was getting older, but my hair wasn't... it just looked artificial." A bold statement coming from a brave woman!


This women hasn't dyed her hair for 9 months... it was scary at first, but she finally feels liberated!

This woman was terrified of her gray hair. Then, one day, she realized that it didn't mattered what anyone thought. Her husband and family loved her for who she was, what else did she need?

"I died my hair for 24 years, after I found my first white hair at 16. Now, I am just happy that I can feel happy in my own skin and I don't have to worry about my hair anymore."

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