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15 women who were courageous enough…
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15 women who were courageous enough to chop their hair off, and they totally pull it off

By Cylia Queen

Many women feel self-conscious about the way they look, especially when they have no idea what to change or make better. Hair, for example, can be really risky to change, because sometimes even the slightest change to a hairstyle can be unflattering. That's why most hair appointments go like this: "I want something different, but it can't be too short or too long. Give me some highlights, but not too many." So if our hairstylist is following all of our guidelines, why are we still unsatisfied with our hair? Maybe, in this case, we are not "bold" enough to try something different. We don't have that free spirit attitude that it takes to step outside our comfort zone and really try something new. If you want to change your look and find something you might like better, don't be afraid to be bold. Chop off your hair if you have to! The women in the following images did, and we have to say that they are really pulling off their new looks! 

For someone who's use to having really long hair, this is a refreshing new look!

Not only did she chop it all off, she also changed the color!


This lady definitely found her best look!

Off with her hair! Give her a cute pixie cut. :)

This woman looks great with long or short hair, but her new cut is a whole new level of class!


Now we're talking!

This girl definitely went bold, and we're glad she did!


This one is now totally shining!

This woman is starting from zero!


Her short layers added so much extra shape... stunning transformation!

Every now and then chopping it all off is a good thing!

This girl looks like a totally different person!

It's hard to believe she is the same person too!

Now she can show off some more accessories!

A stunning difference... we like her darker side. ;)

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