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A little girl sees that the neighbor…
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A little girl sees that the neighbor offers her "4-legged brothers" a treat every day and decides to follow in their footsteps

By Alison Forde

Having animal companions enriches our lives, makes them more cheerful, interesting and in a word "better". Adopting a sweet furry friend is a good idea at any age. But when there are also young children, it is wonderful to see them grow up and play together.

Children accustomed to this type of company and interaction, acquire greater confidence, are more serene and happier. Here is the story of a little girl and her "four-legged brothers".

via: The Dodo

Little Ramona lives in the United States with mum, dad and two other family members who just happen to have tails. They are Zeus and Blue, two adorable and lively mixed breed dogs. The child spends all day with them, rolling around on the floor or sitting on the sofa cuddling them. Every now and then we hear her giggle at the funny things she sees her two accomplices doing.

She loves watching them when they try to catch their tail, or when they jump around at mealtime. The father, Mike Whalley, tells of a funny episode that later became a daily habit. One day their neighbor, named Gary, gave Zeus a taste  of his sandwich.


Since then, the dog shows up every day at the fence that divides the two properties, to have his treat. Obviously the good neighbor told Mike about this and asked his permission to feed the dog. When Blue also arrived at the fence, Gary's had two guests to feed.

Ramona noticed what was going on and she decided that she wanted to get in on the action. She followed Zeus and Blue into the garden, and they welcomed her into the gang without any problems. Gary now has "three" customers to feed. The little girl joins her "brothers" in the afternoon. She leans on the fencing to hold herself up, and waits for her treat from the nice generous gentleman nextdoor.


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