This sweet husky "refuses" to get up from her little master's bed and eventually falls asleep with him -
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This sweet husky "refuses" to get up…
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This sweet husky "refuses" to get up from her little master's bed and eventually falls asleep with him

May 20, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There is nothing more beautiful and pure in the world of dispassionate friendship than that which can be born between a child and a dog; if the child is very small, it almost seems that human and dog understand each other much more than two people of the same species: together they share a pure, naive and instinctive vision of life; a vision completely devoid of malice, misunderstanding, sadness. A life of absolute joy. A video that is going viral with enormous success demonstrates exactly what we have just said.

A sweet husky named Millie has literally fallen in love with her little owner named Parker, so much so that over time they have become truly inseparable. Spending a lot of time together at home, Parker and the dog Millie learned to do everything together, including going to bed for an afternoon nap!

In fact, the tender images captured with Parker's dad's video camera show just this: Millie is so in love with her little master that she also accompanies him when he is tucked up in bed, when it is time for the child to drink hot milk before falling asleep ... And the filming done by Parker's father is priceless: Millie just doesn't want to get out of bed!


Millie is a truly fun and curious husky, who has become a web celebrity thanks to the video that portrays her taking a nap with little Parker

There is nothing anyone can do, Millie is so intrigued by Parker that she never wants to get out of the baby's bed, comfortable as she is under the covers, watching over her little master ...

And in the end, as always, the two fall asleep next to each other, as if at the end of a beautiful fairy tale!

A story of true friendship between a human and a four-legged friend that cannot fail to soften your heart: we all now want a sweet Millie at home!


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