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Every night this boxer sleeps curled…
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Every night this boxer sleeps curled up next to his human brother: they are practically inseparable

By Alison Forde

When a small child meets a dog, magic can happen between them, a spark full of love and affection that you would never believe could be possible. A fraternal and indissoluble friendship that goes beyond form or species; an all encompassing feeling that Paige, Finn's mother and human mistress of Bruto, a very sweet boxer who hasn't left him since he met the newborn, knows well.

via: The Dodo

Early in her pregnancy, the doctors had discovered that Finn suffered from a serious heart defect that forced Paige to let her newborn undergo a delicate open heart surgery as soon as he was able to deal with it. However, everything went in the right direction, and when Paige returned home with her son, the dog Bruto felt within himself that the baby needed to be watched day and night with affection and love. 

Over time, Bruto and Finn have become inseparable friends, spending most of their time together: they watch TV together, play outside in the yard and sleep together. Above all, this activity seems particularly favored by Finn, who curls up next to his keeper boxer and warmly embraces him to feel protected ...


Now Finn, who is a little older, sleeps on his bed, so that Bruto also huddles around him to protect him while he is dozing; but there are many times when Finn gets out of his bed to sleep on the cool floor; and then Bruto arrives, who cuddles around him again and never leaves his side!

Apparently, in fact, this gentle dog does not mind being "used" as a pillow, as long as his human brother is comfortable, as can be seen in this funny video in which the hidden cameras in Finn's bedroom show precisely the affection that was born between the little boy and the sweet boxer! 

Now, whether Finn is sleeping in his bed or sleeping peacefully on the floor, Bruto is always there to keep him company ... firmly embraced together!


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