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11 people who look much younger than…
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11 people who look much younger than what they really are

August 17, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

These days, people are obsessed with maintaining a youth-like appearance, but this isn't necessarily new. People have been looking for the fountain of youth for ages; it's only now that modern medicine has been able to help people slow the signs of aging. Although it's possible to stop aging altogether, it's amazing what eating right and exercise will do when you do them everyday. Obviously, some people just have better genes than others, but if everyone made it a priority to eat right and exercise everyday, they'd be looking younger in no time, just like the people in the following photo gallery!

Debbie Lane Plumbley is 50 years old... would you have thought that?

Annette Larkins is almost 8' years old... you wanna know what her secret is? She doesn't eat meat, and consumes only food that comes from her garden!


Chuando Tan is 54, but he could pass for someone even half his age! All of his fans on instagram say so!

Masako Mizutani is 52 years old, but if you met her on the streets, you'd probably think she's a college student!

Vera Wang just turned 71 and she is absolutely proud of the way she looks!


Ellen Ector is 67, but she is in amazing shape thanks to her workout regime!

Wang Deshun is the hottest "grandpa" in all of China: he's a model and is 83 years old!


R Jack Foley is 50 but he has the body of a 20-year-old!

Yasmin Rossi is a model that's over 60, but she looks better than people half her age!


Jim Arrington is the oldest body builder in the world... you wouldn't think it, but he's already 87!

Ernestine Shepherd is 84, but she still has a rocking body!


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