Doctors were skeptical about their survival at birth: today they are still friends and have graduated -
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Doctors were skeptical about their survival…
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Doctors were skeptical about their survival at birth: today they are still friends and have graduated

July 30, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Every day, in virtually every area and context, statistics help people understand the world better. Percentages become the system for understanding the size of a problem, the extent of a result, the limits and possibilities.

This is how we try to measure life to make it less complex. Often, however, individuals manage to go beyond these figures, beating the numerical factor simply with the human factor.

via: Fox5 News
image: Reddit

Odin and Jordan have been best friends from an early age. Doctors at birth only gave them a 2% chance of surviving. There were serious doubts about their ability to walk. Furthermore, there were also serious possibilities that they would have lived in a vegetative state if they had exceeded 7 years of age.

In spite of all predictions, in June 2020 the two boys managed to graduate together. Tom, Odin's father, said how worried his son was that the Covid-19 emergency could obscure their success and cancel the ceremony.

image: Reddit

The avalanche of congratulations received, however, made everyone change their minds. Their story has been shared online and through traditional media. It is extraordinary to see their images as children and then as adults, side by side as always.

Their existence was certainly not simple, but they battled. They have rightly won a place in the world and in the hearts of many people. Odin and Jordan have been praised for their commitment, courage and determination. They are the living proof of those who do not give up and become pure statistics.


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