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A child gets kidnapped, but eventually…
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A child gets kidnapped, but eventually gets free thanks to his older siblings who followed the kidnapper

August 10, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Relations between siblings aren't always a bed of roses. Many days end in fighting and disagreements, but that doesn't mean that siblings don't love each other. In fact, a bond between most siblings is so special that most people underestimate it. This is especially true for the bond older siblings share with their younger siblings. 

Older siblings often act as their younger siblings' protectors. This is perhaps because, naturally, they are the oldest and thus feel responsible for them. That's why, when you try to mess with a person's younger sibling, you're most likely asking for trouble. 

via: ABC News

This is exactly what a man found out in early July when he attempted to kidnap a child. The incident took place in Sprague, Washington, which is a small town with only 500 inhabitants. Little owen was playing outside of his babysitter's house with his older siblings when a man walked into the yard and began talking with them. 

A few moments later, the man grabbed Owen and immediately started running away. Without a moment's hesitation, Owen's two older siblings, Delicia and Brendan, began chasing after the man. Delicia screamed the entire way, hoping it would attract the attention of anyone that was around and that could help them. Surveillance cameras caught most of the chase on video. 

Delicia's screams ended up catching the attention of two teenagers named Isaas Yow and Andrew Crane. Once they realized what was happening, they began chasing after the man as well. When the kidnapper realized the teenagers were catching up to him, he placed Owen down and sprinted away. Once Delicia caught up to Owen, she was relieved, but also angry that they were unable to catch the purpetrator. The man was later identified as a 15-year-old who went to the same high school as Isaac and Andrew. 

Although not much is known behind the teenager's motive, one thing is for sure: he definitely underestimated the strength and fast thinking of Owen's older siblings. Way to go, Delicia and Brendan! 


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