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Her boyfriend leaves her because of…
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Her boyfriend leaves her because of her appearance, she loses 80 kg and totally changes her life

July 31, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Beauty is said to be an inner thing, and so it should always be. However, this does not mean that one should not or cannot work on oneself to improve one's physical appearance. It is one thing to accept oneself, another is to resign oneself. Doing everything possible to reach one's ideal size is an act of love and courage. It is not about vanity but rather about respect and self-esteem. Here is the story of someone who succeeded in the challenge of finding herself after getting lost.

via: The Sun

Since she was 13 Alida Dreyer has always had to battle with being overweight. It was at that age that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In most cases this condition causes a propensity to increase in body mass. Despite being genetically disadvantaged, the girl admitted that her real problem was food addiction. As a child she had difficult relationships with family and friends, often being bullied. Eating was the only form of control for her. In practice it was a kind of reverse anorexia.

Eating was something that she could manage and that gave her satisfaction, so she abused it without control. She had her first boyfriend at the age of 20. Her appearance and weight, however, prevented her from having a normal and healthy intimacy. Three years later the doctors told her that in her condition she would never be able to have children. Her boyfriend left her because of her countless problems the following month. Those latest developments were like a  cold shower for her and at the same time a decisive wake up call. Thus began the path to find herself. 


She lost the first 40 kg thanks to diet and exercise. Another 37 kg were lost after a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, for a total of almost 80 kg. An exceptional result for her who had previously come close to 140 kg.

Alida had to undergo other operations to remove excess skin. Today, at 27, she is a new person. When she looks in the mirror and looks at her scars, she smiles and remembers the sacrifices made to get where she is now. Alida posted her story on social media, and she hopes that her experience serves as a lesson and motivation for others to never give up on achieving their goals.


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